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Two hundred fifty thousand pageviews! I can't believe it. A quarter of a million visits to the humble little gallery of someone who's very much not a professional artist and who draws stuff that's, well, downright weird. I never expected much of anybody to say hello, and I expected that those few who did would drop by solely to tell me what a freak I must be to make such disturbing things. But on the contrary, I've gotten nothing but compliments for years now, and somehow I've even collected some fans along the way. Who knew?

So here's a big celebratory thank-you picture dedicated to everyone who made it possible.

...with some offbeat humor, the thanks in Japanese, and an anime-styled monster girl, just to be true to form :)

And as it turns out, ~10110100 got the 250,000th pageview, and sent me the screen capture to prove it. Big congrats to her, and big thanks to her and to everybody who's dropped by over the years!

(And credit where credit is due: The gorgeous Bahama beach background is courtesy ~stewartsteve. I think it fits Miss Two Fifty here perfectly.)

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