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I now have a live stream right here on my website! Click here to view!

Live streaming is irregular, but you just might get lucky :)


Python upgrade

I've upgraded the site's backend from running on Python 2 to Python 3, yay! Everything seems to work again after fixing various glitches. If you see any problems or crashes, please send me a Note over on DeviantArt.

-- Inker, May 27, 2021

We're back

A (planned!) server upgrade broke my website due to some coding errors on my part. At least in theory, everything works again. If you still see issues, please send me a Note on DeviantArt.

-- Inker, November 29, 2020

Live stream!

I've added a private live streaming system to my website. There's no chat system (yet), but if you want to watch me draw, the only thing you now need is to click a link, no sign-in or accounts required. Streaming will still be just as irregular here as it is on Picarto, but at least now you have an alternative technology available if the only thing you can use is a web browser.

-- Inker, May 8, 2020

I have a Patreon!

If you want to support my art, now you can do so via Patreon, where you'll see exclusive behind-the-scenes content, works-in-progress, alternate versions, and more!

-- Inker, July 25, 2019

Mobile mode!

It's been a while since I did any hard work on this site; most of what I've done here in the last year has been posting new content. But today, I spent some time teaching the site how to look and feel good on mobile phones!

All of the major public-facing parts of the site should now be mobile-friendly (tested on iPhone and Android), so if you have any trouble browsing images or viewing the gallery on your phone, please send me a note on deviantART and let me know what isn't working for you. Tablets will still get the "desktop" version of the site.

-- Inker, June 12, 2019

More content, and legal

I've been posting more content, and we're now up to 180 images or collections. I still don't have everything re-posted here that I ever posted on all my other art sites, but we're getting closer.

If you share links on social media, I now have OpenGraph metadata on most of my pages, so you'll get nice pretty little previews of the artwork you shared instead of just ugly text.

I have also added a new legal/privacy/GDPR/copyright section to the front page. Whee, fun!

-- Inker, July 21, 2018


I have now re-uploaded every image that you can find in my FurAffinity gallery! Grouped, that's 103 images or collections; ungrouped, that's 130 images total. That's a good start, and brings this site a lot closer to what it once was.

I also rearranged the categories a bit so they make more sense, which will help a lot for uploading all the other stuff, especially the incomplete stuff that's never been posted anywhere.

Next up, I'm going to begin re-posting everything I have ever posted on deviantART. That's going to take a lot longer; there's probably something like 500 images there, which means I have a long way to go to get this site back to normal.

Still, it's a heck of a milestone, and it means you can now view many of my works without needing a FurAffinity account :)

-- Inker, March 15, 2018

Image Collections

I have a lot of images in various intermediate states, and I've often wondered just exactly what to do with those. Pixiv has a neat feature where you can upload related images as a collection, so tonight, I coded up a similar idea.

If you look in my gallery now, you'll see a small number floating next to some of the images, which shows that those images are not individual images but are actually collections; if you click on them, you'll see not just the "top" image but other related images. (Here's an example.) I've gone through the images I've posted so far and attached them to their proper collections, and at some point in the future, I'll try to upload all the various works-in-progress versions of each image too.

But for now, more organization! This site is finally starting to come together :-)

-- Inker, March 14, 2018

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