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This is the art site of Sean W., the Phantom Inker. I'm a 41-year-old married professional programmer and amateur artist from Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Want to contact me? I'm friendly and I don't bite!

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Close enough!

Okay, so the admin and the gallery work. Sort of. Close enough to start uploading content, give or take a few bugs. Please excuse me while the dust settles.

As my initial test round, I've uploaded 26 more images, for a total of 30 here now, and that's helped iron out some issues, and forced me to fix a lot of bugs today. We're nowhere near the like thousand or so that I've drawn over the years (including stuff that never got posted anywhere), but it's a good start.

More to come, but enjoy there finally being more content here!

-- Inker, February 10, 2018

Almost almost almost

The admin system is very nearly there. Almost. So very close. That's why the featured images each have a lot more tags: I can use the admin to maintain tags properly now, along with descriptions and titles and even most of the image-upload system.

It's so very close, but it's not quite there. Another three or four hours of coding, and I should have the backend usable, and then we get to the fun part: Putting all of the content back online, along with some things that never got uploaded before.

So we're almost to the good part, but not quite. Close, though.

-- Inker, February 9, 2018

More admin progress

I built the authentication code for the admin site, which is a good first step. There's nothing behind it yet, but now logins and logouts actually work.

The last PHP has been removed from the site, which means I can now investigate faster ways of serving the Python than using CGI. CGI certainly works, but it takes way longer than necessary.

Next up: Some minor refactors to the auth system, and then put enough of the uploader/editor UI in place that I can start reuploading all the content that belongs here.

-- Inker, February 4, 2018

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