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The Girl at the Fence

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This is Gwendolyn. She goes by "Gwen."

I have no backstory for her. She was loosely inspired by Inoue Orihime, but she's definitely not Orihime. She maybe has a little Merida in her, but she's definitely not Merida either. I think she might be Scottish or Irish, or maybe she just has some Scots-Irish blood. I dunno. She's just Gwendolyn, a happy pretty girl out for a pleasant walk on a sunny day.

I've been working on her on-and-off all month, when I get the time to draw. No idea how much time went in. As usual, it's all done in CorelDRAW, as pure vector art, and drawn with a mouse. My Patrons on Patreons voted for me to finish more of my drawings in a recent poll, so hey, folks, here's a finished drawing.

High-resolution version — 3000x4000 — is available on my Patreon!

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