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There's So Much of Me

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Molly has a magic lamp — but what did she wish for? Did she wish for this? Did her wish go right or wrong? The only thing you can say for sure is that there's a lot more of her than there was just a moment ago.

I can also say is that this is some of the most detailed shading work I've ever done. As usual, I drew this entirely in CorelDRAW with a mouse, over the course of the last several days while I was sick. The CorelDRAW file clocks in at 76 megabytes and sixteen layers, which, if you know vector art, is insane: Most drawings I've posted here have maybe two or three layers, and some only have one! I have a 16-core CPU, and it was grinding down so much for this that I was regularly turning off the background to do most of the finishing work. But that said, I do like how her wings turned out. My wife picked the blond curly hair, and it's a good look: I think Molly is one of the best girls I've ever drawn.

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