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Medicine Woman

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Marissa, the wandering centaur healer and cleric. No-one knows who she is or where she comes from, but there are few towns or villages that do not tell rumors and tales of her: A beautiful woman forever astride her majestic mare, who has vanquished dragons with naught but a magic staff and the herbs and potions she carries at her side.

I drew the lineart for this a few months ago, and my wife saw it about a month ago and loved it and insisted that she be finished. Thus Marissa here was properly made, with hours and hours of coloring. This is an attempt (yet again) to do more soft shading in CorelDRAW, using a new technique I've been working on. I think the result is decent, at least something I don't mind showing people and admitting I made, and I'm overdue for having a new "signature" piece for my gallery. So, hey, check it out: Pretty, healer centaur girl, with a complex, meditative expression. If we ever played D&D, I'm pretty sure she's the character my wife would choose to play.

Anyway, this picture was in its entirety drawn in CorelDRAW with a mouse, over forty or fifty hours or something like that.

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