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Fiona before the Prom

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This is another long-standing request, and my thanks to ~Felicitastic for being willing to wait so long: I've been drawing Fiona here most of this year.

Fiona is a real girl who lives in Germany; she's ~Felicitastic's girlfriend, and she loves horses and centaurs. In January, she asked nicely if she could be a centaur, citing my drawing Ride with Me as what she wanted to look like. And so Muse said OMFGWTFBBQ of course yes.

~Felicitastic wrote:

She stands with her prom dress in her living room (or on your picture in a horse box or a stable)
Her body: a darker brown
Her tail: a little neatly arranged - plaited or wavy.
She wears a ball gown (the on the picture) and a small bracelet (seen on the picture)
In the background a stable in which she is. A few other gowns that she had before for rehearsal. And a dressing table, to which she looks beautiful could do.

The dress she's wearing and her hair match about as closely as possible to the photo they gave me. Everything else came from my imagination.

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