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I wanted to draw just a simple picture of a pretty centaur girl, so I drew this a little bit at a time over the past few weeks. I don't know what her story is, but does it matter?

I finished it by painting the background today: I have a tablet now, and while I'm not great at painting, I'd like to think it's not completely terrible either. This shows at least basic competence with, like, linework and color and stuff, even if it's not perfect. Of course, if it's bad, it doesn't matter, because most of you probably didn't even notice that there's a background >_>

In total, this was a few sessions to draw and color Celine that maybe added up to 20 hours with a mouse in CorelDRAW, and then another four or five hours to paint the background in Krita with my new Huion 610PRO tablet. The mouse part was definitely the easier (and more fun) part, but I'm at least starting with a tablet now, and maybe in a few decades I won't feel completely incompetent working with it.

So, anyway, say hi to Celine. She'd like you to ride with her.

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