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Am I Riding — Me?

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This is Bree, or possibly Margaret. She's not sure which. She was Bree riding Margaret, and now she suddenly seems to have both of their thoughts and memories, so she's a bit confused — but she'll no doubt eventually figure out who she is.

The last two centaurs imbued their essence into this stone archway more than a thousand years before. It will transform any horse and human rider into a centaur, the only way the last two centaurs could think to restore their species. But who rides a horse through an old stone arch lost deep in the forest? So it sat undisturbed for hundreds of years until Bree and Margaret unexpectedly activated it. She'll be fine, but it will take some effort for her to get used to her new life, now with two sets of memories.

It's been forever since I last posted a really good finished drawing. I've been working on this since June 2021, and now, eight months later, it's finally finished. It's one of the best I've done to date, I think, and I really love how Bree turned out. (Yes, I think she'll end up going by "Bree," but I suspect she'll answer to "Margaret" for a while as well.) The foreground shading, the glows, the background — it's one of the best I've done. No idea if it's "good," and it's definitely my usual niche content, but I like it :3

This was done with umpteen gazillion hours, with just CorelDRAW and a mouse. It's all pure vector art, including the trees and bushes and special effects.

This is the SFW version. There's an NSFW version over here --> linkity.

There's a high-resolution version available in my Patreon.

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