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Giant --- spider!?

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Natalie is the latest "unlucky" discoverer of the Spider Witch's Medallion. The Medallion is forever trying to find a girl who'll satisfy the original Spider Witch's goal of wrath and destruction. It bestows upon the finder all the powers and the form of the Spider Witch, and gives her the Spider Witch's memories in order that she should feel the Spider Witch's wrath and destroy all that she sees. Unfortunately, most of its "giftees" really aren't all that interested in wreaking havoc, with a few outright denouncing the Spider Witch, so eventually the Medallion is "lost" again, and found a few months or years later by the next unsuspecting young woman.

I actually have this weird kind of through-line in the story that connects several TFed girls together, with Candace being the first to discover Ekúshria's Medallion many years ago, and Emily being a later discoverer of the same, and Natalie here being another. Not sure if the Spider Witch's wrath will ever be fulfilled, but the Medallion will keep searching until it finds someone who'll fulfill its goal.

I've been sick lately, so... uh... in an attempt to feel less yucky, here's a girl turning into a drider. Don't ask me. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

This isn't my best shading; it's mostly just what I could do in one morning while really sick with a cold. But hey, it's finished, and she turned out okay, so whatever, close enough. Maybe ten hours of effort, and drawn as usual entirely with CorelDRAW and a mouse, and now I'm going to go faceplant on my bed.

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