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~Phoinix102 won my 750K kiriban back in August! So this is his character Aubrey Adkins, or Arachne, "who was originally a human, was transformed into a drider after she gained superhuman spider powers." (Some references that Phoinix102 provided for her, for comparison: And here's her character sheet.)

This is arguably some of the most complicated shading work I've ever done. I'd like to think it paid off. Aubrey's cute, despite being 70% giant spider. (Or because of...?) She's not the most competent web-spinner out there, but the splorpy gooey masses she spins still get the job done. She's half brown widow spider, and that's the kind of messy web they spin.

Aubrey was drawn entirely in CorelDRAW with a mouse, over, I dunno, like a dozen or so drawing sessions of a few hours each.

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