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The Clear Air

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This picture has a long lineage. I first started drawing this in November 2014. By January 2015, I'd drawn and colored all three of Karen (blonde), Triss (black), and May (redhead) — and then it sat.

I had a background in mind, but I'm no good at painting. Seriously. I tried for the better part of a year to paint a suitable background, and tried again, and tried drawing it in CorelDRAW, and then I tried painting it again, and on-and-off over the last like three years, I've tried and tried and tried again to render the distant castle-and-landscape I had in my mind's eye.

Finally, today, I gave up. This background was rendered using a terrain-generator, with some careful post-editing to make it look more painterly, and I think it fits the scene pretty well. It's not exactly the original idea, but the picture was growing mold on my hard drive, and my art style is threatening to change (I seem to be using smoother shading and slightly different facial proportions now), so before I can't post these three anymore at all, I'm going to finish it enough that everyone else can see it.

Where are they going? Where are they coming from? What's going on here? I know, but I'm not telling ;P

Of the three girls, May is definitely my favorite :-D Who's yours?

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