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Alone in the Sea

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Carenna received the locket as a gift when she was very young and was told to keep it with her always, that it contained magic that would ensure she would never be harmed.

So she wore it, always, and indeed seemed to be especially lucky, narrowly missing many injuries as she grew up.

This trip across the sea went badly. There was a storm, a great storm, and the ship she was on was torn asunder. She was thrown overboard.

She awoke, hours or days later, when the storm had passed — lying on the sea floor looking up at bright, clear sunlight filtering down. The locket had saved her again — at a cost.

I had a rough day, so I finished drawing this lineart after everybody went to bed. The high-resolution is available for free download, if anybody wants to spend some time properly coloring her. Me, I'd color her as a brunette with a green tail, but my wife thinks she ought to have blue hair and a pink tail, so if you want to color her, feel free to pick any colors you want :)

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