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Gail was once the maid for the Duke of Abershire, who fancied himself a bit skilled at the occult. A mishap with a magic spell later, and he'd accidentally turned her into a drider. Thankfully, the Duke has offered her sanctuary in his castle, which is good, because she would not fit well in Edwardian England. While he works on finding a cure, she's been learning to use her new body. During the day, her oversized dress is quite restrictive and keeps her from really trying anything, so sometimes at night she likes to practice spinning in the nude, just as you've caught her doing here.

So, anyway, I've been sick, and passing the time by drawing. This is, as usual, entirely vector art, drawn in CorelDRAW with a mouse over the past few days.

Gail here is rather pretty, I think, and in a pose that I don't think I've seen done before. I realize that spiders squick the heck out of some of you, but I'm sure that you can ignore the scary part and focus on the pretty, acrobatic nude girl instead. Some of you just might even like both. What do you think? ;)

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