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Becky's Haircut

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So the other day my wife got her hair cut.

She's been growing it out for a couple of years, with the intent of donating it, and I knew it was coming, but it was still a little surprising when she finally did it. My initial reaction to her haircut wasn't as good as she'd have liked (I really liked her bangs the last time she got it cut), so I drew this to show that yes, indeed, I still think she's sexy and pretty and I want everyone else to think she is too.

On the one hand, she gets to be a cute anime girl. On the other hand, she's stuck to a horse. Amazingly, she's okay with both of these facts. Which is why, among many reasons, I married her and I'd totally do it again.

(Oh, also, my wife's name isn't Becky, or Rebecca, or anything like that. This girl's very very similar to her, but she's totally not her, so there you go.)

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