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Best Friends - WIP

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Just because my hand is broken doesn't mean I can't upload old things you haven't seen (from August 2013).

These are Rachael (the redhead) and Candace (the brunette). They've been best friends since they were little (human) girls, and while Rachael always loved horses, she's a bit apprehensive about Candace's recent "changes." Candace is trying hard to convince Rachael that she's thoroughly enjoying herself, and that Rachael could join her and easily have her pick among the many, many eligible bachelors in the Kingdom's new Grand Knights.

Or something like that. Tell whatever story you like, if you don't like mine :)

Yes, I know their hands are incomplete. So's the shading. So's a lot here. Is what it is, for now.

...and only three more weeks and I get my cast off and can maybe begin drawing again. Dang, that was a lot of typing, but I always liked this piece.

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