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Blind Date (WIP)

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I am long overdue for doing this picture: A guy. This guy is designed to be, well, hot. This is one for all you ladies in the audience who've patiently waited for me to start drawing guys, and especially for my lovely Songbird, who should've received a picture like this years ago :)

[This is marked "not mature" because a centaur can't exactly hide his butt any more than a horse can. Deal with it.]

About three hours or so. This will eventually be finished. I'm putting it in with regular deviations so more people see it, and when more finished versions appear, the works-in-progress will be retired to my scraps.

And no, "Janet" is not my fiancée's name; I picked it because it's a fairly generic-sounding female name (and, actually, I had The Drowsy Chaperone going through my head while I was doing this too). Janet could be anybody...

Well, ladies? So are you the Janet that Aaron's looking for? ;)

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