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Caia of the Wind

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I drew something today!

This is Caia, and I drew and colored her in a single sitting. It's probably not my best coloring, but her look is sweet and lovely and pastels, and she looks very natural.

Muse concocted a whole bunch of backstory for her, so here you go:

Caia was orphaned when she was little. She was found in a burning village after marauders came through. An old witch found her crying in a corner, and rescued her, and raised her as her own daughter.

When Caia was five years old, she managed to get into some potions and tinctures the witch had in her laboratory. There was a rather nasty explosion that destroyed half the witch's hut. After the smoke cleared, Caia was... different.

The witch insisted she'd find a cure for the little girl. That was a long time ago. She worked on it for the rest of her life, but she passed away when Caia was sixteen, having never found an answer to the girl's predicament.

Caia lived alone for a few years after that, but she grew lonely, and now she explores the world, trying to find somewhere that she belongs. The closest she's seen was a village of centaurs, in the desert far to the southwest, but they were rough, angry warriors, and none of them were winged. So she still searches, trying to find — she doesn't really know, but she'll know it when she finds it.

And in case you can't do the math, she's in her early twenties :P

I almost put clothes on her, but I really like her look, just as she is. Maybe I'll give her an outfit in a subsequent drawing session.

Anyway, here's Caia, a pretty, winged centaur girl, searching for her future. And yes, she can walk, she can run, and she can fly.

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