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The Cauldron Explodes

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They weren't the best students in the magic school, but they'd gotten by so far working together, together they would persevere. This homework project surely would be no different. And, in truth, they worked well together to get this homework spell utterly and completely wrong. Bri didn't fully understand the spellbook and named the wrong ingredients for the other two. Melany was obsessing over boys and wasn't paying attention when she measured the quantities wrong. And Courtney may have poured the ingredients in right, but she really shouldn't have knocked in the bottle of green pixie dust that triggered the cauldron to explode.

The administration debated afterward whether to expel them, but they concluded that there were few punishments worse than what the girls had done to themselves, and if at the end of the year, they wanted a professor to change them back, that could be arranged. In the meanwhile, the stares of every one of their fellow students — and their parents! — was punishment enough!

So... lots of hours drawing a strange idea I had months ago. I did this in bits and pieces in the interim, resulting in the finished lineart you see. As usual, all done with CorelDRAW and a mouse.

I'd feel sorry for them, but it's pretty awesome, isn't it? :)

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