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Emma Gets Her Boy

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Emma had always her eye on Jack, but after their village was transformed during the War of the Wizards, Emma resolved to make sure that none of the four other centaur girls in existence would ever have a chance at him. It took her some weeks to woo the young blacksmith, but eventually she managed to get some time alone with him behind the stables, and she "convinced" him that she was worth his time. A few weeks later, they would sneak off together every morning. By the time spring came, no-one was surprised by their marriage ceremony — although there were a few snickers at Emma already being the world's very first pregnant centaur, which suited her just fine.

Emma's plans for the next fifty years or so involve (1) get mounted by Jack multiple times a day, (2) get pregnant every spring like clockwork, (3) fill their village with lots of little Emmas and Jacks, and (4) repeat :)

I first drew the lineart for this about a year ago, and over the subsequent year every once in a while when I was sick I picked it up and worked on the colors. (I tend to draw pr0nz when I'm sick, on the unsubstantiated theory that "happy sex" equals "happy me." I don't think it works, as theories go, but that's when I tend to draw stuff like this, at least.) The background was loosely inspired by a landscape matte painting, redrawn almost completely from the quick lines I first did, and it took way more time than I originally intended; it's all vector art, and I don't intend to do that much detail again. I also debated doing more detailed shading on them, but I really think it works best as drawn with very minimalist shading: The earth tones are all very natural, and they really look like they belong in the picture just like that.

The motion-blur special effects caused CorelDRAW to melt down a few times. I really have to come up with a better way to do those kinds of things.

So, anyway, have some happy centaur sex.

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