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Lisa (age 18) has convinced her sister Linnie (age 14) to skip school and go down to the farms and watch the boys working. Little sister Laurie (age 10) has decided to tag along. And Josh is trying really hard to do his job, but it's a little difficult with an audience...

This is totally one for the ladies in the audience. Sorry to keep you all waiting so long for something more to your collective tastes than my usual fare.

I drew this for my wife, who really deserves to have me draw more hot centaur guys for her. Fair's fair, after all; I draw more than enough cute centaur girls for me. Anyway, my wife picked the hairstyles of the three girls, and while she'd originally suggested braids for the littlest girl, Laurie ended up looking better with pigtails.

At some point, I really should color this.

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