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This is my friend ~10110100's character, Flare. Flare's a red-cobra lamia, living in a modern-ish fantasy world. She has short red hair, blue eyes, and a long, red tail. Her weapon of choice is the glaive, and she carries a pistol just in case she needs to fight from a distance.

I've been wanting to draw Flare for some time now. Why?

  • Flare's a cool character, and I like drawing cute monstergirls. I've known Flare for some years (and drawn her character once before, sort of), and am well past time drawing her character properly.
  • I don't draw enough nagas/lamias/snakegirls, and really need to fix that.
  • The real Flare (her character's owner) is a badass U.S. Marine, honorably discharged, who's been off to war, and who willingly put her life on the line for the rest of us. I'm not a huge fan of violence, but I recognize that human beings have been fairly violent creatures for at least the last hundred thousand years or so, so your country can't not have a military: You either have a good volunteer military, where people like Flare fight to keep you safe, or you get conscripted. I couldn't be home, with a family, drawing for a hobby, writing software for a living, without people like Flare volunteering to go off to war instead of me. So this is a salute, hats off, a big thank-you to Flare for her service. It's the least I can do.

Also, how do I know Flare's a badass Marine? Because all Marines are badass — "be incredibly badass" is in the job description, right after "victory with honor" and "nobody gets left behind."

At some point I might get around to coloring this, but in the interim, Flare, I hope this does your character justice :)

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