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My friend Anne is graduating from college today, and I made this as a congratulatory picture. Yay, Anne!

This is entirely vector art made in CorelDraw except for a quick gaussian-blur applied to the background layer after exporting it to pixels. I know people are a little paranoid around here about what is and isn't vector art, but I figure weeks and weeks of tweaking vector nodes followed by three minutes of image filtering does not produce raster art any more than spilling paint on a photograph produces an oil painting. The background is blurred (A) for the cool camera effect and (B) to protect Anne's Onymity, since that is a real place.

Next picture, I'm drawing a normal pose at a normal camera angle. This was a little crazier than I originally expected. Okay, crazier by a lot.

Forty, fifty --- aw, heck, I really have no idea how many hours went into this other than that it was a lot. Thanks also to everybody who helped me get the details right!

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