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The Grand Staff

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Élise had sought an Artifact for years. Every cleric knew the power they contained, but they were rare: Most had been destroyed in the War of Ages, centuries ago. So when she heard a rumor of the location of the Grand Staff of the Centaur Queen, she had to seek it. A month later, she and Jack at last stood in front of the altar where it had rested for a thousand years. The staff was hers! Élise stepped forward and claimed it — and then learned that the "Grand Staff of the Centaur Queen" was more than just a name.

This was rolled by my wife from the little JavaScript story-rolling program I created; she rolled until it produced a story she liked, and then I drew it, or as close to it as made sense:

In her chamber in a medieval/magical world, a portrait of a winged centaur girl, focusing on her hair. She feels confused. She is with a boy. She has waist-length curly hair in a ponytail. She is wearing a short dress, and is holding a staff. Her color is blue.

And don't feel too bad for Élise: Now, she has more magic power than she knows what to do with — and she can fly to boot. — but poor Jack: He's been wanting to be more than just her adventuring companion for years, and her now being welded to a winged horse definitely doesn't make telling her easier >_>

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