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Happy Valentine's Day

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Okay, well, four things came together at once to produce this image. First, I was in a good mood today --- interestingly, entirely unrelated to the holiday. Second, I've been thinking it's high time I draw something that could seriously be considered pr0n. Third, I've been trying to convince myself to draw something new for a while now. And last, but not least, I thought it might be fun to do an image I can only post on FurAffinity :)

So here you have it, a Valentine's Day centauress. She's cute... and obviously friendly.

I used no references for this, and drew it entirely with a mouse while laying in bed (still), in a single sitting (laying?) of about four hours. The original was done in grayscale, with the intent that afterward I would use the tone-curve thing and a little clever color correction to produce shades of pink (and yellow).

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