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The Horse Girl

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So this is the end result of a somewhat vivid dream I had last night that basically consisted of panel #5, with the other panels implied around it. Yes, my head is a strange place.

This is a stable girl who works for a wizard, tending the horses and cleaning the stables and generally doing all the things a "horse girl" might do. And today, little does she realize that the wizard is about to die rather suddenly. One of his experiments is about to go very, very wrong, and the high tower of his castle, where his lab is located, is about to explode in a fireball and come crashing down. And little does she realize that when it comes crashing down, the bright white light of a magic spell is going to burst forth, surround the castle, and affect everything it passes through, causing every living creature in the castle to merge with whatever it touches next.

Or maybe she does realize that. In fact, I think by the last panel, I'm pretty sure that she's quite clued in.

It could be worse. You don't want to know how the scullery maids turned out.

So a great big centaur TF, done all in one day. Yes, I know the hands are crap. Sue me. The rest was more fun.


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