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I'm Not That Scary

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This is Hypallia. I don't know her story, but she's a drider, and she'd like you to know that she's not scary and not a monster: She's just a perfectly ordinary girl, who lives in a web-covered palace, and has elf ears and a giant spider for legs.

I was sick this weekend, so I drew a lot to pass the time, and this is the only thing worth sharing on deviantART from all of it. It's not great, and I totally reused hands I drew ages ago and I stole her hairstyle from another picture on deviantART and I don't know what's up with her backstory, but I've drawn worse, so I'm posting her. If I ever got around to coloring her, she'd be blond, with a tan/beige-colored spider half, and her clothes would be light-blue and gold, and the palace floor has black-and-white tiles, I think.

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