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Holy smokes, Inker actually posted a new real drawing in 2019!

This hasn't been the best year for drawing. I've been busy with work and family, and haven't really done all that much else. But it hasn't been for a lack of wanting to. Day Two has helped take the edge off, but an hour or so a week to draw your webcomic isn't quite the same as sitting down and really going wild on drawing a full, detailed picture of an interesting character. So tonight, despite the fact that I have work in the morning and Important Things To Do, I did most of the shading on her, and finished this thing. It feels good to post a new drawing.

For the record, my wife picked her colors: Brown hair, blue eyes, teal outfit. I was a little skeptical of the color scheme at first, but I think it turned out pretty decently.

So this is Clara. What's her backstory? What's going on here? I don't know — you tell me! In Clara's own words: I'm just a girl, just an ordinary girl, and that's all there really is to say about me. <3

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