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Mandy's Wish for Wings

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♫ When you wish upon a star /
Focus on your heart's desire /
Lest the fruits grow quite bizarre /
When dreams come true. ♪

♫ Mandy knows this all too well /
The shooting star did cast its spell /
Her wish for wings did not quite gel /
But dreams came true. ♪

♫ Still she'll be aloft in flight /
Soaring 'cross this starry night /
Pegasus could be alright /
A dream come true. ♪

So this is Mandy's Wish for Wings, a picture I started working on a few weeks ago because my wife really really likes pegasuses and so of course I have to draw them now and again. The music is just because Muse got stuck on the song, and so I had to write it up as her story (sort of).

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