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Midori Green

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This is Midori, a naga who lives in the same forest that Rika lives in. But where Rika is generally sweet, carefree, and innocent, Midori's a sultry seductress and she knows it. (Too bad none of the men will ever have a chance with her, but that doesn't stop them from trying.) Midori was the first person to befriend Rika after Rika was transformed, and Midori still watches over Rika like a big sister.

This was a relatively quick sketch prompted by my fiancée saying that now that I have Laura (another drider) in my gallery to keep Asari company, I really should have another naga to keep Rika company; and because I wanted to do a good naga pinup to make the naga fans happy. I sketched and drew this in about five hours. And yes, I know she needs better hands. I have to somehow get myself more able to draw hands one of these days.

I think I may finish this one off with proper shading, though; I don't know whether the other works-in-progress in my gallery will all get the same treatment.

And yes, I know "midori" means "green" in Japanese. "Midori green" is also a specific color of paint, despite its redundant name, and "Midori" is a common Japanese name too. So her name is "Midori," but don't ask me if her last name is actually "Green" or not, because I don't know (and she's not the type to admit to anything more than she has to).

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