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Nancy in the Forest

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I first started work on this drawing nearly three months ago. It's one of those things I've worked on off-and-on, an hour here or there, but I never managed to get a huge amount of momentum behind it, despite loving the lineart. Her hair changed color a few times. Her body changed color and pattern a few times. The background got drawn, and redrawn, and redrawn again. The shading was started and stopped repeatedly. I upgraded CorelDRAW to the newest version in the middle of all that.

Finally, this morning I got enough gumption to finish the last of it and call it "good enough," shading her tail, her nearest leg, and doing the background again (for like the fourth time). And so, hey, I finally finished another drawing for 2019!

Anyway, here's "Nancy in the Forest." What's her story? Does it matter? I don't know her story, and honestly, you probably really don't care. Heck, half of you probably didn't even notice she has hooves. All I know is that she's a gorgeous girl resting comfortably and happily in the great outdoors. I'm sure she's more than that, because all women are, but that's all you get.

(My wife insists that resting your chest on a stump like that would be uncomfortable, but I dunno. It looks like a pretty clean cut, or maybe it's worn down a lot over time, so maybe it's more comfortable than it looks. Nancy doesn't seem to mind. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ )

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