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Rock 2 (WIP)

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After an amazingly crappy trip to Washington, D.C. that involved extreme heat and our car getting broken into, I spent some time drawing a girl transforming into half an octopus and in serious pain while she was transforming. I needed to vent some rage. I'm a bit embarrassed about that picture now, because being mean like that is not really the kind of person I am, so it's debatable as to whether you'll ever see it posted anywhere. So yesterday, instead, I drew something a little nicer, an octo-girl being cute and sweet and debatably innocent, and you can see her flat-colored here.

This is like, I dunno, five hours of work or something like that.

It's called "Rock" because she's sitting on a rock. Not a terribly original name, but I didn't have a good one for her, so there ya have it. shrug

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