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The Second Quest Begins

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Flare had sought the priceless Golden Pegasus Statue for months. Legend said that with it, the injured could be healed, the lame could walk again, and man could even fly to the heavens. If the legends were true, and her best friend's leg would at last be healed. All the clues and all the advice and all the searching had led her deep into this cave in the mountains, and there it was at last, her Grand Quest complete.

And with its completion, as her hand touched the statue, a Second Quest was now begun: A Quest to undo the First Quest.

It's April 16, Draw a Centaur Day!

And for this year's entry, I present to you Flare as a puzzled winged centauress, the 250,000 pageview kiriban requested by 10110100. Ain't she cute with wings?

Big thanks to everybody who joined in the LiveStream while I drew this, and for all the neat suggestions!

See you again after another 250,000 pageviews!

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