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The Spider Medallion - WIP1

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So I got a ways through this picture today. It was mainly an excuse to draw an X-ray version of drider anatomy and show how a drider actually fits together.

Yes, she has bones, not an exoskeleton. For me, driders and nagas and centaurs and satyrs and all sorts of weird monsters are really just exotic humans, mammals like any other, but with a few oddities. This girl is still a girl, but she has eight legs and weird proportions.

As for what's going on here, this is a transformation scene (duh), and there's a witch with an ancient medallion who's turning this girl and her friends into driders, mainly because the witch wants to find out what the ancient medallion does (she doesn't know). I only drew this girl so far; the witch will be in the foreground, and her friends will be on either side of her, one a drider already, the other attempting to flee.

So, hey, have some spider bones. Yes, spider bones can be a thing.

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