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Swim With Me - WIP

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I'm not sure exactly what her story is, but here's Aimee, cute and swimming and asking you to join in. This was about four hours today with CorelDRAW and a mouse, and was largely an excuse for me to draw octopus legs (what can I say? I got inspired this morning).

Unusually, I had an audience while I drew this: ~sweetcandylovegirl was watching me draw via Mikogo, and was offering suggestions (the name "Aimee" was her idea, and she's suggested yellow hair and light blue legs, which aren't bad ideas).

That was kind of a unique experience, and it's tempting to get myself a LiveStream so others can watch, since she seemed so interested in what I was doing. I'll have to think about that; I never much thought anybody would want to watch, but, well, here somebody did.

I think if I do color and shade it, I'll probably make it G-rated; she's too cute to be restricted.

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