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I drew this tonight in a single sitting over LiveStream. I didn't really know what I was going to draw when I started, but people suggested centaurs, and then I drew her face looking up, and then Keeshaba suggested she was looking up because she was all googly-eyed over some guy, and it turned into this. The crowd wanted him to be a draft horse because he was so tall, so he is.

I think I'm getting better. I did this in four hours flat tonight. There was a time I'd have spent ten on it. I'm not convinced her bangs look good, but I really like how his head turned out, hair, face, and all.

As usual, ignore the hands. I still suck at drawing believable hands in any time period shorter than an epoch.

So there you have it. Some unanswered questions still:

  • Should they have clothes?
  • Should there be other characters or things in the background? It looks vaguely farmy-ranchy-rural.
  • What are their names? I have no idea.
  • And last, but certainly not least, who's swooning over whom?

If you have good answers to these and any other related perplexing questions, feel free to comment!

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