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Tall Black Hair

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I've had this recurring dream (fantasy? daydream?) for weeks now about a tall thin centauress with jet-black straight hair that falls straight down her shoulders, and I finally did something about it and drew her. So here she is, looking a little forlorn, and "sketched" in about three hours in CorelDRAW with a mouse. She does not yet have a name.

I don't know if this has really gotten her entirely out of my head, but it's a good start.

As usual, ignore the crappily-drawn hands, and please don't blame me if the proportions are off: (A) I did it without references, and (B) I wanted her to come out tall and skinny, and horses just don't usually look like that. And the eyes are more Western-style than usual just because they seemed to fit her.

Nope, I can't explain it either. shrug

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