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To Touch a Cloud

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We all can dream.

I've been working on and off on this picture for probably two years now, a little here and a little there, and it's finally nice enough that I think I can post it. I've had her in at least four different outfits since I started, but I like this better than the others, because it tells a better story.

A good picture, after all, is more than just a picture: It tells a story, and ideally, it should be a good story.

Lynne has a good story, I'm sure.

I've wanted to do this picture for a while, because it's one of the most innocent things I've ever drawn: It's pure joy, a celebration of life itself, with no dark or painful or disgusting or adult overtones. If I ever do finish this, it may migrate over to (finally) become the replacement for Katie as my featured work.

I really have to learn how to draw clouds ^^;

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