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Trick and Treat

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Sandy, Jeremy, and Chloe went out trick-or-treating this Halloween, and they went to the house they'd never seen before. Inside, a Witch greeted them warmly — and gave them not just a Trick or a Treat but both.

This was a very special request from my lovely wife, a special Halloween picture of three cute kids getting transformed on Halloween night by a real Witch. So here we have the kids:

  • Sandy, dressed as Tinkerbell, is now a satyr.
  • Jeremy, dressed as a pirate, is now a naga.
  • Chloe, dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, is now riding for a bit longer than she expected ;)

Goodness only knows how many hours went into this. 40? It's a good guess. I'm only really stopping now because I'm out of time — there's only twenty more minutes of Halloween left tonight! As usual, this was CorelDRAW and a mouse from start to finish, and some of you watched as I drew it on LiveStream from start to finish!

Yay, a G-rated transformation picture! :D

Anyway, enjoy, and let us know what you think!

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