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Vanessa Becomes the Drider Queen

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Vanessa was playing Dungeons & Dragons with her friends when the Dungeon Master pulled out an unusual rulebook that he found in an occult bookstore. He read off the first set of rules, and suddenly everyone began turning into their characters for real! Vanessa had been playing the Queen of the Driders — and in a few short moments, that was exactly who she had become. But people don't choose a character in D&D without enjoying the character at least a little...

A transformation sequence, yay! So this was a lot of work over the past couple of days, probably upwards of 20 hours in CorelDRAW with a mouse. The linework here is complete, and I think Vanessa turned out great in all four panels.

This is actually a spinoff of another picture, where Vanessa can be seen with the other characters — a dwarf girl, a warrior, a wizard, and a bard. But this one got finished first :)

MythicFables loves spiders, and helped design Vanessa's drider look, and she'll be coloring this picture as well. Yay for collaborations!

And y'know, this is downright kinky without having any fiddly bits showing at all. As there's nothing showing, it doesn't have a mature rating. That meets the letter of the law, I think ;)

So enjoy, and feel free to comment!

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