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This is the final lineart version of "Welcome to My World," about twelve-ish total hours of work, most of which went into their hands and the suckers on her legs.

This is fanart of Russ and Andrea from Malibu Fridays, drawn and written by ~sylentnyte. Malibu Fridays, for those who haven't read it, is a little like The Little Mermaid but with everybody's genders swapped, a few new characters, and a distinctly southern-California groove.

And despite the fact that Russ and Andrea would probably never hook up, they really do make a cute couple :)

This is an insanely-high-resolution version (click the "Download" button!) so that those who want to color it can color it ('Lotte, I'm lookin' at you ;)). I won't be coloring the rest of this myself, so if you want to color it, go for it! (The eyes are colored 'cuz, well, I like coloring eyes. Sue me ;P)

Edit, June 2, 2008: The lovely 'Lotte herself has colored this, so go take a look at it in beautiful hi-res color!

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