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Over at the Wotch forums, we recently handed out awards to people who've gone above and beyond the call of duty in one category or another (most postings, best signature, and other goofy categories like that). The official award is "the Wotchie," and I got the pleasure of designing it.

This is the finished Wotchie, done entirely as vector art in CorelDraw, as usual. It deviates a bit from my usual style, in that I wanted it to look very much like someone had actually modeled one of Anne's drawings as a gold statuette. In this case, the statuette is of Anne herself getting turned into a gold statuette, if that makes any sense to you ;)

I used a slightly different shading technique here than usual: This involves a lot more blended objects and gradient fills than I normally use. The result is a much smoother image than before, even though it's still vector art. I dunno whether I'll continue using this method or not: The results are much nicer, but it takes a lot longer to shade everything.

It wasn't easy to decide whether this picture would be better placed in the "people" or "objects" category ^^;

And, last, but not least, I'm officially sick of the color yellow now ;)

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