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This is a commission by the same guy who commissioned the drawings of Kiva as a centaur. This is, of course, the one and only Pamela Isely, whom we know best as Poison Ivy, green girl extraordinaire, occsional eco-terrorist, and perpetual foe of Batman.

This is drawn in the style of a good animation cell from Batman: The Animated Series, done entirely with vectors (duh), and took around 8 hours, I think. I'm fairly satisfied with it; Ivy came out kinda cute and sexy, even if it was relatively quick. I used three reference images, one a Google image search result of an animation cell of Ivy, and the other two being a nude model photo and a photo of a horse I found somewhere on deviantART, both for poses. That said, the shading's all my own, so it's unlikely you'll be able to tell which photos they were (and I don't remember ^^; ).

Anyway, enjoy! This is the first thing I've posted here in quite some time, and it'll likely be quite a while before I post the next something.

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