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Good Morning!

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I drew this in a single sitting of about eight hours, inspired by a picture I found on 4chan. I'll leave it up to you to guess what the original was; this really doesn't look much like it.

My fiancée has named her Tammy, and I have no idea what her story is. But, well, she's cute.

For what it's worth, this was another collaborative effort between me and my fiancée; she helped choose the colors, designed the nightgown (and the jewelry in the other version), and chose the flower (a hibiscus). (I swear I must have the greatest girl in the world, in that not only is she not weirded out, she's willing to sit here and help while I'm drawing stuff like this.)

This is the PG-13-rated version of this picture, and she's waking up and stretching. There's an X-rated version named "Showoff" that can be found here, but warning: It's not for the timid.

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