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I Do Like Horses

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The magic faded. Kara took a step, looking down at her new hooves. She circled around once, and looked back at him. "So — this?" she said. "This is what you couldn't tell me?"

He stood silent, jaw agape, and nodded.

She circled around again. "I had expected you to say you weren't into girls. This is a rather — refreshing explanation."

She looked back at him again. "Oh, come on, now, what's with that face? It's not a bad thing. After all, I do like horses."

My wife really liked Kara's lineart. So... here she is, with her hand redrawn, her proportions fixed, and colored and soft-shaded, after about six or eight hours or so of effort, more-or-less in a single sitting. As usual, this is 100% CorelDRAW vector art, drawn with a mouse.

Also: I tried to give her a blue dress like the description stated, I really did. She just insisted on her dress being that royal purple, so eventually I just gave up and went with it :)

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