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Love is magic (WIP #2)

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This is an update on the current artwork-in-progress. Did anybody guess that this is what it was when they saw the cropped version of just her face?

There's a storyline behind this, and I'll give the full thing when I post the finished work, but the outline is this: She discovered that the guy she'd been dating for the last month wasn't human, and never had been, and was using an illusion spell to hide his secret to live a normal human life, and that was why he'd never gotten intimate with her. And when she learned the truth, he thought that would be the last he'd ever see of her. But by then, she was in love, and she wasn't going to take no for an answer...

This is easily the most complicated piece I've ever done. Getting all the body parts in place was a real challenge, and it still needs a better background than what little I've drawn in, and still needs real hands instead of just mitts. But the basics are there, and I thought some folks might like to see it, so, well, here it is. This will be in my main gallery until the finished version is ready, and then I'll move it to my scraps. Enjoy! ;)

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