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The Poetry of Motion (WIP #2)

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This is a work-in-progress of a piece requested by my lovely Songbird. (Yes, she gets to make requests, which is unfair for the rest of you, but too bad: None of the rest of you have my ring on your finger.) This is a character she designed, named Rika, and she picked everything about this: The pose, the hairstyle, the colors, the eyes, the works. The final version of this will probably replace Katie on the front page of my gallery; I like how this is turning out.

Here we are after, geez, Lord knows how many more hours, probably around 30-ish. This is still a work-in-progress (WIP), and the previous WIP has been moved to my scraps. I figured folks would want to see what's next in the pipeline, so here she is.

Once this is done, this copy will be moved to my scraps where the previous version is.

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