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Rose and Her Rose

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Rose is a big girl.

There's nothing wrong with that. Rose is sweet, and she's friendly, and she's clever, and she has a quick wit too. She's the kind of girl you introduce to your parents, the kind of girl that you want to quickly marry before any other guy realizes how much of a catch she is, the kind of girl who's going to be a better mother to your children than you could ever imagine — the kind of girl who will make both your lives amazing if you give her the chance.

She also has hips, and boobs, and curves. She's chubby, round, chunky, and she knows it — and she's just fine with how she looks. If you have a problem with her weighing a thousand pounds, well, that's your problem, not hers. She's happy and healthy, she's pretty and sweet, she can hold her own, she's as sexy as she wants to be — and she's a whole lotta girl.

At some point, maybe I'll color her; I like how her line art turned out. She has rich brown wavy hair, a brown tail that matches, a lighter brown coat, and that rose is pink, I think.

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