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Siren Sara

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This is Sara. She's friendly, mostly. And I think she likes you.

I always liked the basic structure of this lineart, and hey, look, I actually finished drawing something. That's something new for this year.

I tried hard to make her legs look really shiny, like oiled latex or something, and I think I succeeded. The color contrast came out good, too: She pops off the background pretty well — the random-anime-bubbles background that I lazily drew this morning when I wanted some kind of background behind her that wasn't just a solid color. I don't know where she's supposed to be, but underwater, maybe? Volcanic heat vent? I dunno.

Anyway, this is my usual pile of innumerable hours of bending and tweaking splines with a mouse (yes, this was done entirely in CorelDRAW X5 using a mouse), and it produced a pinup of a blond, pink-legged octopus girl with searing blue eyes. This picture isn't marked mature, because there's nothing showing, which is exactly the way Sara planned her pose: A girl is so much more enticing when there's nothing you can see...

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