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What Sara Wanted

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Sara lay on the floor, just looking up at me for what seemed like an eternity. Neither of us spoke, and she didn't move an inch. Finally, I heard the click of the door gently closing behind me.

Sara finally broke the silence. "Well," she said, "I wasn't really expecting you tonight."

"I — " my voice trailed off.

"As you can see, I do some interesting things when I'm by myself. I was hoping to break my little occult hobby to you more slowly, but here we are, aren't we?"

I could only look at her, trying to make sense of what I was looking at. The words just wouldn't form.

"You're staring, Jack," she said. "And you're welcome to stare, but I'd love to know — Are you staring at my tits, or are you staring at my spider?"

I really have weird tastes. But apparently so do my characters.

I had some time off, so I colored her, and detail-ified things. The original lineart is still in my Scraps, if anyone wants to see it.

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